2011 Presentations

  1. 19th Avenue Bridge Geofoam Installation
    Darin Bailey
  2. AASHTO MEPDG Pavement Design Guide – New
    M.W. Witczak
  3. Accelerated Bridge Construction
    Kevin Thompson
  4. Accelerated Pavement Testing Overview
    David Jones
  5. ADOT Maintenance and Rehabilitation
    Bill Hurguy
  6. ADOT Experience with Warm Mix Asphalt
    Chad Auker
  7. Applications of TDA in Civil Engineering
    DingXin Cheng
  8. ARAN – Automated Pavement Data Collection
    Michael Robson
  9. Black Gold is Green
    Pat Kennedy
  10. Bump Formation in Hot Mix Asphalt Overlays
    Tim Morris
  11. Colorado’s Development of the MEPDG
    Jay Goldbaum
  12. Deflection Testing Introduction
    Reuben Williams
  13. Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Integrated Bridge System
    Michael Adams, Daniel Alzamora, Jennifer Nicks
  14. Geotechnical Solutions for Transportation Infrastructure: A Web-based Information and Guidance System
    Vern Schaefer
  15. Green Pavements: Have we Gone too Far? Getting Back to Basics
    Howard Marks
  16. History of Arizona’s Transportation System
    Richard Powers
  17. Implementation of M-E PDG in Maricopa County, Arizona
    John Shi
  18. Leadership in My Rearview Mirror
    William Badger
  19. Maintenance of Concrete Pavement
    Mike Mamlouk
  20. Metering Rubberized Asphalt
    Kevin Hill
  21. MWC Global
    Charlie Underwood
  22. Navajo Nation Asphalt-Rubber Chip Seal Project
  23. Pavement Distress and Evaluation
    Mike Mamlouk
  24. Pavement Management Program Maintenance & Rehabilitation
    Rick Boeger
  25. Pavement Preservation for General Aviation Airports
    Douglas Hanson
  26. Performance Testing: A Path to Implementation
    Douglas Hanson
  27. Phoenix International Raceway – Track Repaving Project
    Bill Braniffr
  28. Plastic Shrinkage Cracking in Concrete
    Barzin Mobasher
  29. Safety Edge The Purpose, Need, And Practical Solution
    Landon Mays
  30. Sustainability and Pavements: Are We Focusing On the Right Things?
    Leif Wathne
  31. Warm Mix Asphalt “National Overview”
    Matthew Corrigan
  32. Warm Mix Asphalt in Texas
    Cindy Estakhri, Dale Rand