2014 Presentations

  1. Welcome from ASU Edd Gibson
  2. Implementation of MAP-21 Stephanos
  3. FHWA Movement Towards Sustainable Pavements Gina Ahlstrom
  4. Arizona’s Economic Recovery Lee McPheters
  5. Fibers in Pavements Shane Underwood
  6. Pretreated Rubber Technologies Doug Carlson
  7. Geopolymers for PCC Recycling Lianyang Zhang
  8. Recent Advances in the Design and Construction of RCC Pavements Corey J. Zollinger
  9. Long Term Pavement Performance Kevin Senn
  10. Development of a National Concrete Pavement Preservation Pooled Fund Larry Scofield
  11. Warm Mix Asphalt Matthew Corrigan
  12. Warm Mix Asphalt Heisley
  13. Warm Mix Asphalt West
  14. Pavement Cracking Distress Dr. M. W. Witczak
  15. Investigation of Very Wide Cracks John Shi
  16. Asphalt Binder Characteristics Affecting Durability Cracking Anderson
  17. Asphalt Mixture CharacteristicsAffecting Durability Cracking Mike Anderson
  18. ADOT’s Quality Assurance Program Chad Auker
  19. Alternative Project Delivery Methods Wylie Bearup
  20. NCHRP Project Amir Hanna
  21. Decision Matrix for Pavement Preservation Mike Mamlouk
  22. FogSeat, Surface Seal Ryan Proctor
  23. Multi Layered Pavement Preservation Smith
  24. Street Transportation Department Ray Dovalina
  25. Successful Revenue Generators for Pavement Management and Preservation Matt Manthey and Lenny Hulme
  26. Pavement Preservation Challenges Jenny L. Grote
  27. SR87 Curve Realignment Slope Scott Neely
  28. Determination of In-Situ Density Daniel Frechette
  29. Biogeotechnical Solutions Edward Kavazanjian