2013 Presentations

  1. 3D Laser Imaging
    Kelvin Wang
  2. Asphal Volumetric Mixes
    Don Cornelison
  3. Asset Management for MAP-21
    Gary Lasham and Jonathan Pollack
  4. Cold Recycling
    Gabriele Tebaldi
  5. Concretes for Pavements and Bridge Decks
    Narayanan Neithalath
  6. Endurance Limits for Perpetual Pavements
    Waleed Zeiada
  7. Framework for ADOT Asset Management System
    Jean Nehme
  8. High Friction Surface Treatments
    Mike Moravec
  9. Illinois Tollway
    Steven Gillen
  10. Intelligent Compaction
    Jimmy Si
  11. Overview for Highway Design
    Chuck Budinger
  12. Overview of FHWA Every Day Counts 2
    Butch Wlaschin
  13. PHX Sky Train
    Steve Grubbs
  14. Recycling Concrete Aggregate
    Mark Snyder
  15. Rubberized Pavement
    Doug Carlson
  16. SHRP2 Solutions
    Thomas Van
  17. Soil Rock Properties
    Dave Peterson
  18. Special Performance Study of PCC Pavement
    Larry Scofield
  19. Sustainable Highway Construction Practices
    Shane Underwood and Mounir El Asmar
  20. Trends in RAP and RAS Use
    Rebecca McDaniel