2018 Pavements Conference

Day 1      Opening Session     1.   Welcome from Arizona State University                  Ram Pendyala, PhD, Interim Director, School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, Arizona State University     2.   FHWA Overview           Peter Osborn, Director, Field Services West, Federal Highway Administration     3.   ADOT Overview           Dallas Hammit, Deputy Director for Transportation/State Engineer, Arizona Department of Transportation     4.   MAG Overview           Eric Anderson, Executive Director, Maricopa Association of Governments     Session 1: GeoTech to the rescue – Challenges and Solutions     5.   Geotechnical Challenges Related to the TBM for the Alaska Way Viaduct Replacement Project           Barry Siel, PE, FHWA Resource Center     6.   Pavement Reconstruction Challenges and Innovations on I-40 West of Flagstaff           Tad Niemyjski, PE and Brent Conner, ADOT     7.   SR 77 Safety and Slope Stability           Brent Conner, Geotechnical Design Services Supervisor, ADOT     Session 2: Innovation in Pavements     8.   Sustainable Pavement Systems Program           Steven Olmsted, Innovative Programs Manager and Nye McCarty, Flagstaff Regional Materials Engineer, ADOT     9.   Precast Concrete Pavements           Samuel Tyson PE, Concrete Pavement Engineer, FHWA     10. Rethinking Concrete Testing           Tyler Ley, PhD, PE, Oklahoma State University     General Session     11.            Mark Ishee, Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions | Jeff Smith, Cactus Asphalt | Paul Burch, ADOT Day 2     General Session: Design Build and Operate     12.            Paul Brasher, PE, New Mexico DOT     13. I-10 SPS2 Test Sections           Larry Scofield, PE, International Grooving and Grinding Association     14. Connect 202 South Mountain (Pavement Design)           Doug LaMont, WSP | Kevin Turner, KT Consulting | Steve Mishler, ADOT     15. Prime Factors for Successful Preservation Treatments           Larry Galehouse, National Center for Pavement Preservation, Michigan State University     Session 3: Asphalt Performance and Preservation     16. FHWA’s Density Demonstrations in Arizona and other States           Tim Aschenbrener, PE, FHWA Resource Center     17. FHWA Mobile Asphalt Testing Trailer: Recent Experience in Arizona           Amir Golalipour, PhD, Project Manager, FHWA/ESC Inc     18. SPR-742 AZ PMC_18           Akshay Gundla, PhD, Graduate Research Associate, ASU/Staff Engineer, Applied Research Associates     Session 4: Technology Updates     19. Scrap Tire Recycling and the Use of Crumb Rubber           Dawn Helms, CRM | Jeff Smith, Cactus Asphalt     20. Lime and Liquid Anti-Stripping Agents           Richard Steger, PE, Platform Manager, Ingevity Pavement Technologies     21.            Ellie Fini, PhD, ASU     22. Lunch Session: The Path to Autonomous Vehicles           W.H. (Bill) Sowell, MBA, PhD, Vice President-Business Development, Eberle Design, Inc. & Reno A&E