2017 Sustainable Pavements Workshop


1. 2017 Arizona DOT Black & Green Sustainable Pavement Systems Program 2.¬†Improving the Sustainability of State and Local Government Pavement – John Harvey 3. Long Lasting Asphalt Binder Systems and Evolving Binder Specifications – Shane Underwood 4. ADOT’s Use of RAP in Asphaltic Concrete – Nye McCarty, P.E. 5. Subgrade: It’s Just Dirt. Isn’t it? – Daniel N. Frechette 6. Consideration of Local Soil Conditions through Modified Correlated R-Value Formulation – Naresh C. Samtani 7. Materials Selection in Pavement Design 8. Design Concepts and Perpetual Pavement 9. State Experience with ME Pavement Design (MEPDG Implementation at ADOT) – Scott Weinland 10. Use-phase and the Life-Cycle – Andrew Fraser