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Service Award Winners

A listing of the Pavements/Materials Conference Community Service Award recipients.

Name Year of Award Category Firm
Greg Groneberg2023IndustryFisher Industries’ Southwest Asphalt Division
Karla Petty2023GovernmentFHWA Arizona Division Administrator
Rolando Perez2022IndustryViaSun Corporation
Farhad Rahimi2022GovernmentCity of Phoenix
Ellie Fini2022AcademiaASU
Ali Fakih2021IndustrySustainability Engineering Group
Hasan Ozer2021AcademiaASU
Scott Weinland2021GovernmentADOT
No awards issued due to COVID-19.2020—–—–
Dallas Hammit2019GovernmentADOT
Jeffrey R. Smith2019IndustryCactus Asphalt
Ram M. Pendyala2019AcademiaArizona State University
Nye McCarty2018GovernmentADOT
Trey Billingsley2018IndustryFisher Sand & Gravel Co.
Jeffrey Stempihar2018AcademiaArizona State University
Wylie Bearup2017GovernmentCity of Phoenix/ASU
Bruce Kay2017IndustryNinyo & Moore
Mounir El Asmar2017AcademiaArizona State University
Henry Quinonez2016GovernmentMCDOT
Phillip D. Feliz2016IndustryWestern Technologies, Inc.
Paul Basha2016AcademiaCity of Scottsdale
Equbalali Charania2015GovernmentCity of Phoenix (Retired)
Bob Erdman2015IndustryCutler Repaving, Inc.
Shane Underwood2015AcademiaArizona State University
Chad Auker2014GovernmentADOT
Don Cornelison2014IndustrySpeedie & Associates
Chun-Hsing (Jun) Ho2014AcademiaNorthern Arizona University
Julie Kliewer2013GovernmentADOT
Joe Phillips2013IndustryAMEC Environment & Infrastructure
Barzin Mobasher2013AcademiaArizona State University
Ken Davis2012GovernmentFHWA
Tom Kennedy2012IndustryFNF Construction
Edward Kavazanjian, Jr.2012AcademiaArizona State University
Jeff Van Skike2011GovernmentCity of Phoenix (Ret)
Mark Belshe2011IndustryRubber Pavements Association
Claudia Zapata2011AcademiaArizona State University
James Delton2010GovernmentADOT
Charles Barwood2010IndustryGrace Construction Products (Ret)
Michael Mamlouk2010AcademiaArizona State University
Joe Cano2009GovernmentBureau of Indian Affairs
Kamil E. Kaloush2009AcademiaArizona State University
James M. Willson2009IndustryConsulting Engineer
Douglas A. Forstie2009Special award in recognition of over 36 years of faithful service to the transportation community Consulting Engineer
Anne Stonex2007IndustryMACTEC Engineering & Consulting
Dan Lance2007GovernmentADOT
Tom Buick2007IndustryMorrison-Maierle, Inc. (Ret)
Robert McGennis2006IndustryHolly Asphalt Company
James Newman2006GovernmentMcDOT
Robert E. Campbell2004IndustryAsphalt Institute
R.A. (Rudy) Jimenez2004AcademiaUniversity of Arizona
Larry A. Scofield2004GovernmentADOT
Wellington R. Meier, Jr.2002IndustryWestern Technologies, Inc.
George B. Way2002GovernmentADOT
Douglas A. Forstie2001GovernmentADOT
Donald E. Green2001IndustryUnited Metro Materials, Inc.
Paul E. Mueller2001IndustryConsulting Civil Engineer