2016 Pavements Conference

Opening Session 1. Welcome from Arizona State University G. Edward Gibson, Jr. 2. MAG Overview Dennis Smith 3. ADOT Overview Floyd Roehrich 4. Financing Transportation Improvements Chuck Huckelberry 5. Achieving Asphalt Pavement Sustainability John Bukowski   Session 1 6. Pavements research at ASU and its relevance to Arizona Shane Underwood 7. Development of GIS and Web-Based Pavement Management System at NAU Chun-Hsing (Jun) Ho   Session 2 8. Advancements in Asphalt Sustainability Heather Dylla 9. Advancing sustainability with INVEST Connie (Hill) Galloway 10. Performance specifications and durability Jason Weiss   Session 3 11. ADOT roadway friction studies Kevin Robertson 12. Cold asphalt recycling for a sustainable future Chuck Valentine 13. Hot in place recycling John Rathbun   Session 4 14. Design construction preservation Matt Manthey 15. MCDOT Pavement ME design Gant Yasanayake, John Shi 16. Optimizing design using AASHTO pavement ME Feng Mu   Session 5 17. Contractors perspective on achieving quality Mark Belshe 18. Lessons learned in building the Phoenix freeway system Matt McNeil   Session 6 19. GRS-IBS Overview Laura Spencer 20. Using soil stabilization Marco A. Estrada