2015 Pavements Conference

Opening Session
  1. Welcome from Arizona State University
G. Edward Gibson, Jr.
  1. ADOT Overview
Dallas Hammit
  1. FHWA Overview
Walter C. Waidelich Jr.
  1. Trucking issues in Arizona and Nationally
Tony Bradley
  1. Implications of emerging technologies for the future
Brad Allenby   Session 1
  1. Student Presentations
Talal Thwaini, Akshay Gundla, Jose Medina, Hossein Noorvand, Ramadan Salim, Michelle Beckley and Satish Nagarajan
  1. Preservation Matrix
Jeff Smith   Session 2
  1. Urban infrastructure growth and its unintended environmental impacts
Mike Chester
  1. Green construction-it’s critical to our industry sustainability
Adam Hand General Session: Local Government
  1. Update on local government issues
Dan Worth
  1. Top 10 pavement management implementation changes
Zac Thomason General Session: Public Private Partnership
  1. Overview of alternative delivery methods/PPP*
G. Edward Gibson, Jr
  1. Challenges of the US 89 landslide project**
Steve Boschen
  1. Challenges of US 89 landslide project
Matt Trembly
  1. Loop 303 design build
Matt Horrocks   Session 3
  1. History, Theory and rela-worls application of intelligent compaction
George k. Chang
  1. The technology and use of intelligent compaction equipment
Bryan Downing
  1. Use of intelligent compaction on the ADOT I-40 project at Twin Arrows
Trey Billingsley 18.  Use of intelligent compaction on the ADOT I-40 project at Twin Arrows Nye McCarty   Session 4
  1. Cyclic plate load testing of geogrid stabilized aggregate base*
David J. White
  1. In-service aging of Arizona asphalt pavements
Western Research Institute
  1. Rehabilitation to avoid moisture damage
Stephen B. Seeds   Session 5
  1. Concrete overlays of asphalt (Whitetopping): current practice, expectations and future directions
Jim Mack
  1. Curling and warping of concrete pavements: ride quality impacts and mitigation strategies
Thomas J. Van Dam   Session 6
  1. Basics of pavement drainage*
Samuel Hanna
  1. Landslide inventory for Arizona
Ann M. Youberg General Session
  1. Arizona Mining History