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Enhancing Pavement Practices

2020 Webinar Series Presented virtually as a webinar series in response to COVID-19.

Pavement InnovationOctober 7, 2020Zoom?=sy86mQ
Durable PavementsOctober 14, 2020Zoom1FhZh*C5
National UpdatesOctober 21, 2020Zoomk^0nt?81
Asphalt Pavement ImprovementsOctober 28, 2020Zoom#bLE61DM
Better Concrete Pavement PracticesNovember 4, 2020ZoomSEw=y*^6
Student Poster PresentationsNovember 12, 2020Zoomdcv4RT+4
Sustainable Use of RAPNovember 18, 2020Zoomm05+B#1m
Arizona UpdateNovember 19, 2020Zoom14$R+3it